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Bestseller Drinks!

Honey Cinnamon Coffee

frequently ordered!

This coffee infused with Honey and Cinnamon is incredibly delicious and serves as an ideal way to commence your day with its freshness. The coffee is sweetened with honey and enhanced with the tasty elements of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.


Velvet Vanilla Coffee

frequently ordered!

This offers a perfect balance between the kick of espresso and the heavy creaminess of milk with the little sweetness of vanilla. Velvet Vanilla Latte will most definitely keep you going for the day as the taste lingers in your tongue.


Chocolate Macchiato

frequently ordered!

The Chocolate Macchiato comprises of almond milk, dark chocolate sauce, and espresso poured over ice and some secret spices resulting in a straightforward and simple yet a powerful beverage that will satisfy your taste buds.


Our coffee drinks

  • Honey Cinnamon coffee 170/-
  • Velvet Vanilla Latte 150/-
  • Chocolate Macchiato 150/-
  • Iced Cappucino 120/-
  • Cortado 90/-
  • Breve Coffee 90/-
  • Cafe Au Lait 80/-
  • Flat white 80/-

Our healthy sides/snack

  • Salad With eggs 130/-
  • Cheese Grilled Sandwich 120/-
  • Oats fruit 110/-
  • French Toast with fruits 110/-
  • Tomato Salad 90/-
  • Classic croissant 80/-
  • chocolate croissant 80/-
  • french Butter croissant 70/-

Coffee Companions!

the bestsellers.

Salad with Eggs


Enjoy a delicious yet healthy salad where the goodness of eggs collaborates with the satisfying crunch and taste of fresh saute vegetables, creating a yummy and delectable healthy option to try.

Cheese Grilled Sandwich


Treat yourself to a classic grilled cheese sandwich, made with basic white bread or brown(of your choice), layers of melted parmesan sliced cheese, and just a hint of butter that adds up to a delicious golden bowl of healthiness.

Oats fruits


Indulge in a nourishing and nutritious morning treat with the Fruit and Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl, comprising of healthy oatmeal topped with an assortment of fresh chopped fruits and a touch of chocolate flakes just to enhance its sweetness.

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